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Is CS:GO gambling worth it?

Is Csgo Gambling Worth It?


Csgo gambling

If you’re a fan of Csgo, you’re likely aware that it’s been connected to the meteoric rise of eSports in the last few years. Once a fringe concept looking to capitalize on the general popularity of video games, eSports now represents its own massive (and still growing) industry. It covers a huge variety of different games played by people all over the country, and major eSports competitions regularly draw crowds to rival those at more conventional sporting events such as American football games or college basketball tournaments. And accordingly, we’ve seen the emergence of eSports as a betting option too, right alongside more ordinary markets for the Premier League, NBA, NFL, etc.

The question for Csgo enthusiasts in this regard is simple: is betting on the game in eSports competitions actually worth it? No one can fully answer that question for you – it is, at the end of the day, a personal financial decision. What’s more, it’s vital to keep in mind that any bet - even one for which you apply genuine expertise and understanding - carries risk. But we can at least cover some of the factors involved in the discussion, so as to make the personal decision more informed.

Things To Consider

You’re Not Entitled To A Win

We just touched on this notion above, but it bears a little more discussion. If you know your way around Csgo personally and you pay attention to the eSports scene, you might feel as if you know how to win, or you’re entitled to win. It’s similar to how a dedicated NBA fan believes he has as good a grasp on potential outcomes as Las Vegas oddsmakers, or how a poker player believes he’s simply bound to get a good hand and play it right eventually. These are perfectly natural feelings.

Part of it is simply arrogance, and part of it is the “Gambler’s Fallacy,” which a Canadian gaming platform defines as the belief that the more you lose now, the less you’ll lose in the future. But here’s the reality: gambling on competition is an informed game of chance, and the odds for one game don’t change based on the last. That is to say, don’t feel as if you’ll win eventually, or win because you know the game. Each competition is a fresh risk.

The Lack Of Regulation Can Be Concerning

Broadly speaking there is a lack of regulation in eSports betting, even as bets are offered by mainstream gambling platforms. We’ve seen instances of people betting on their own teams (which always raises the possibility of the manipulation of outcomes), and we’ve also seen YouTube gamers directing players toward a specific Csgo gambling site without revealing that they owned it (and for this they were only given a slap on the wrist). These don’t necessarily come across as huge issues at a glance, but they pile up and amount to a betting environment that it’s fair to question, at least.

If You’re A Fan, It’s Fun

This goes without saying, but it’s worth keeping in mind because it’s the whole reason you’re reading this article or considering betting on Csgo competitions. Simply put, if you like the game and you enjoy the competitions, it’s fun to have a stake in the outcomes. That’s not a reason to invest significant amounts of money in what you think might happen, but it can be a fair excuse to at least dabble in the markets. We’re not recommending anything one way or the other, but don’t let concerns about broader gambling trends or market regulation keep you from enjoying yourself. Just be responsible about it.

One way to think about it is that if this activity brings you joy, you can make a small bet and consider that bet a payment for the experience. In other words just as you might buy a ticket to a sporting event or a movie, you can place a small bet and think of it as a ticket of sorts. That’s not literally the case, but that way if you lose it (and again, we’re only talking about small amounts), it will merely feel as if you paid a little bit of money to enjoy yourself. If you win, it’s a bonus.

Expert Analysis Exists

When you bet on ordinary sports, you can access an incredible amount of information online. There are analyses about games and player performances, articles written at major platforms with specific discussion about game odds and spread betting, and even podcasts in which experienced bettors offer their opinions on potential outcomes. This network of advice doesn’t really exist in the same way for eSports competitions – but that’s not to say expert analysis doesn’t exist at all. You can in fact find tips and advice for eSports as well as for Counter-Strike specifically – all based on careful observation and gamers’ past performances.

Now, it’s also important to keep in mind that no betting advice in any category should be held as gospel. If experts always knew what was going to happen, they’d all be billionaires (and they probably wouldn’t need to be writing blog posts about what to do with upcoming competitions). Still, this is another point in favor of the idea that Csgo betting can be worth it, insofar as it is plenty possible to make decisions based on educated, informed opinions that are not your own. Just be sure not to latch onto any particular idea so much that you lose objectivity.

So, Is It Worth It?

As stated at the beginning of this piece, no one can decisively answer the question of whether or not Csgo betting is worth it for any individual. It’s always a personal choice, and in addition to considering the factors above, you need to be mindful of your personal financial situation as well. Strictly speaking, you should never bet or invest money that you aren’t prepared to lose, even if it’s on something you understand and have fun with. It’s just not worth the risk if you’re betting at that level.

As for the factors outlined above, they paint something of a balanced picture. On the one hand, there are inherent risks with any kind of competition betting, and in this specific market there have been concerns over a lack of regulation. On the other hand, betting on Cs:go can be a way to have even more fun with it, and you can certainly do your homework in order to make the most strategic bets possible. Simplifying all of that, we get to a pretty standard place regarding any kind of gambling or investment: it’s risky, but so long as you’re aware of that, you might have fun with it – and you might turn a profit.

Keep that in mind and you’ll be able to work out for yourself whether or not it’s worth it to you. And if not, you can always just focus on getting better at the game yourself and maybe trying to earn some money that way! After all - professional gamers are probably going to be making more and more in the near future, as eSports and the gambling industry attached to it continue to grow.

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