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Update about our Counter-Strike T-Shirt Collection

New designs added to our store

We are proud to announce new very cool designs that have been added to our store. Special thanks to @Slaziieart for his amazing work.

A new Rush B Shirt

Firstly we have a new Rush B T-Shirt. This time we put it in the T-Style. The quality of the design and the shirt is amazing, trust me. I think we all know who this guy on the Tee is…

A beautiful AK tee

Secondly, we have the AK B-Site Shirt. It represents an AK from CSGO in a red circle where you can find a B in the middle.

Head Shot!

The next one is inspired by one of the bestselling CS:GO designs on the internet. Even though we added some colors, we decided to keep it simple.

Another cool Rush-B Shirt

Our last Shirt is another version of the common Rush-B, we never hear in CS:GO. Just joking… simple but a cool calligraphy.

If you want to view all our designs, just go to our Csgotradezone - T-Shirt CSGO collection. You can find it in the Top menu under “Fashion”. What design do you like the most? Tell us in the comments below.

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