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PUBG best cosplays

Best Playerunknown's Battlegrounds cosplay ideas

PUBG costplay

↑ ↑ This ↑ ↑is an amazing shot, isn't it. And we have got some more. In this post, we present you the best PUBG cosplays that we found online!

At the Gamescom

As on the Comic-Con. There can be a lot of cool cosplays on the Gamescom. Here is one that we really liked:

PUBG Costplay gamescom

Great PUBG level 3 helmet he wears which is pretty difficult to find online for a price that is okay. The ones I found costed about $200. We have got a cheaper one here:

Make your own PUBG outfit!

I think that the helmet is the most difficult to find. Tankwarroom wrote an excellent article about the different backpacks you can find online that are similar to the one in PUBG.

The shirt as well as the tie is easy to find too. Normally you should have one in your closet.

For the trousers, you can take a black one or jeans that you already have.

And that's it guys. I don't know what underwear to choose for your PUBG cosplay outfit but you shouldn't think too much about that.

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