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Xbox & PS4 VS VR

Xbox and PS4 ready to face the rise of VR?

The companies

Microsoft and Sony have been the 2 leaders in the gaming market for almost the past 2 decades. With huge successful product releases such as the iconic and original Playstation of 1994, to the flagship of Microsoft with its Xbox 360 in 2005. Gamers have been spoiled, to say the least thanks to the great products on both sides.
Looking back at the overall success of these two juggernauts one could compare it to a tennis game switching from one generation the other, one console leading while the other waiting for a sequel generation to rise.
However this more or less stable co-leading of the gaming market might not last as long as one might think, all because of one newcomer Virtual Reality.
VR ( Virtual Reality) has been in the wants for as long as the first computers were here. From its earlier forms of training air pilots in the army too commercials pilots, followed by amateur IT geeks, and now being available commercially through Samsung´s smartphones and multiple entertainment companies, it sure has changed and is now setting its ground towards the Gaming Market.
Oculus Rift, Leap Motion, HyperReal these are the names of many companies have come out with VR gaming products, from separate consoles such Oculus rift promoting an escape from reality experience to simple add-on to your desktop computer that enables you to use your hands to sync in with a VR as with you were doing so in real life.
However, Microsoft and Sony haven´t completely turned their eye to VR. On the contrary projects such as Morpheus for Sony have resulted in a genuine add on to the already existing PS4. One that is behind current leader Oculus Rift. On the other side, Microsoft has come with a completely another approach with its HoloLens where it sees to diversify Its VR product for Medical, creative, artistic, Architectural and gaming uses. This Hololens differs in the sense that it is Virtual add-on instead of a complete immersion into a Virtual world, one that departs from all other growing VR products.
With this, a gap for a full VR experience is a question that remains for Microsoft.



Only time will tell where Microsoft and Sony will find themselves in gaming Industry as VR Grows. One thing for sure is that VR is shacking the foundation of an already Competetive market where gamers can expect to be mind blown!

What we know: as long Counter-Strike and PUBG aren't available on VR, it's not going to take over the market. Write us your opinion on our CSGO Merch store on twitter.

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