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Celebrities who are playing Playerunknown's Battlegrounds

Neymar and Post Malone on PUBG

You think your friend who has 1000 follower on Instagram is cool? Is he playing PUBG and thinks he his one of the finest guys in the PUBG Community? Well, your both wrong! In this article, we show you two celebrities who are enjoying Playerunknown's Battlegrounds who are more famous than your friend XD.

Neymar's playing PUBG and wants his own server

Just like you and I celebrities are playing video games too. Just a couple of days ago Neymar Jr. (most expansive soccer player of all time) asked the PUBG developers via Twitter (on the 9th January) if he could have his own servers.
We already know that he plays Pubg. Indeed he played it with a friend a few time ago and streamed it on Twitch:

Neymar playing PUBG

Currently, it isn’t possible to purchase/own his personal server but a request from such a big soccer star could change that.


Post Malone (aka Beerbongs & Bentleys) streaming some PUBG

After his number 1 hit “Rockstar” and “Congratulations” Post Melone is active on Twitch too. And he is playing a lot of PUBG. From time to time he tries to use his fame to get some cool items from the PUBG developers.


Post Malone PUBG

Post Malone PlayerunknownDespite he doesn’t get a yes from his requests he continues to play the battle royal shooter and stream his games on Twitch. 







Who else do you know that is playing Playerunknown's Battlegrounds?
Write us a comment or tweet us on twitter @csgotradezone! ...or get the chance to get one of our new irl pubg level 3 helmet! ...or just continue with not beeing cool by not having one of least play some playerunknown's battlegrounds.









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