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PUBG taking over Steam!

Over 3 Million players on PUBG

pubg shirt kicking ass

credits: PULY4

Despite the game only came out in September this year (early access was in March 2017) PUBG is currently the most played game on steam. Even against Counter-Strike and DOTA 2, PUBG reached 3 Million active players at once in December 2017.
Playerunknown’s Battleground is kicking some ass on steam.

New records for the battle royal shooter

Pubg reaches 3 Million Users
This is a new record. Below you will find the statistics of PUBG compared to DOTA 2 and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive:
• Playerunknown’s Battleground: 2,158,832 current players, Active players at once peak: 3,106,358
• DOTA 2: 643,974 current players; active player peak: 704,938
• Counter-Strike: Global Offensive: 581,103 current players and 681,123 active players at once peak

As you can see the game seems to be popular, even against such big games. With over 13 Million pieces sold it’s even catching up big games like Destiny 2 which is the best selling game of December 2017.

Cheating is a huge problem in PUBG but PUBG Corp makes some huge effort to fix it.

Cheating is/was a big problem in PUBG but thanks to a service called BattlEye already 1.5 Million cheaters have been kicked from the game. According to Tencent (Chinese Company), multiple cheat developers have already been arrested for developing cheats in China. They seem to take it seriously. So dear friend just report the cheaters you see and soon the PUBG world will be a better place.

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