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PUBG maps

What maps are they on PUBG?

PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS has currently only one map, as other maps haven’t been released yet. The developers said that two more maps will be added to the game soon. One of them is based on a desert (Miramar) and the second is intended to preserve the appearance of European regions. I think you and I already seen some gameplays from Miramar. It should have the same size as Erangel (8kmx8km)

Erangel is reminiscent of the then USSR. Below you can find a representation of this map:

PUBG Erangel map

History of Erangel

Erangel should represent a former base of the USSR that was also used by the Us for military purposes. The Russian army experimented there with biological and chemical weapons. This did not appeal to the population: they resisted and destroyed the biological equipment and the Russians had to escape. But due to the destruction of the biological equipment, the island then had to be completely evacuated.

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