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What is PUBG?

What is PUBG?

Here you will find a beginners guide to playerunknown's battlegrounds. In short here is everything you need to know about Pubg.


PUBG Gameplay

PlayerUnknown's Battleground is simply expressed as a multiplayer online battle royal game. The title has been developed by the Korean game developer PUBG Corporation, which is part of the game company Bluehole. Most of us may have seen the movie 'Battle Royale', or the cooler and more modern version produced in 'Hunger Games' on which the game is based. The principle is simple: a collection of players is released on an island, and in the end, only one will be the winner, one who survives his time on the island. The game is thus about killing their contestants and taking as little damage as possible. To spice this up a bit, the game card is constantly shrinking, which obviously forces confrontations and situations where players have to fight for their survival.

Finding the weapons

Once landed on the map, the pursuit of weapons begins. You can find different types of weapons and tools such as shields, protective equipment, clothing, and vehicles by robbing buildings. Some areas on the maps can be considered to have better assets deployed, but then they are also associated with much higher risk. I found a cool article about the best locations here.

Keep your eyes open

One of the biggest stress factors in PUBG is when the map is shrinking. With a few minutes interval, the playing field begins to decrease, and the centering takes place against a random area of ​​the game. If you are unlucky to be outside when shrinkage begins, you will get a little damage, but you can quickly hurry up against the playing field again. If you find yourself outside for a long time, all health disappears and you'll die.

Community friendly gameplay

At first glance, PUBG may seem like a very long game considering how many players go along with the size of the map. However, a round rarely takes more than half an hour, which means that the game is at a high pace and is very watch-friendly.


I hope this short article helped you. If you want to buy it, definitely do it. It's worth it!

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