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Cs go gambling sites

A comprehensive guide to CS:GO gambling and betting

 Tired of loosing your precious CS skins online? Get an edge in CS:GO gambling. I hope you enjoy!

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Still one of the most popular esport games.

Counter Strike: Global Offensive is one of the most popular online PC games on the market with 500,000 people logging into play every day! Thanks to the massive online community, it has become an incredibly popular game for betting and gambling due to the skin market the community has created.

Playing the game is simple yet challenging but what we’ll be focusing on in this article are the many elements of CS:GO betting and CS:GO Gambling that you need to know about along with helping you make your way through the many online CS: GO gambling sites.

CS GO Gambling & CSGO Betting Explained 

Every year, millions of dollars are spent, lost and won in CS: GO Skin Gambling and Betting. Since the release of Counter Strike Global Offensive, people have been actively trading, selling and gambling with Skins from the game which has given rise to a massive market that is incredibly lucrative. Besides having a thriving CS:GO gambling community, CS:GO betting on team matches has become exceedingly popular as well making it a major attraction for online gamblers that like to play with real stakes.  

There exist multiple CS: GO gambling sites along with an official steam store (and a cool CSGO merchandise store xD )which allows people to trade in skins acquired from playing or exchanging with other players for real in-store currency which can even go as far as thousands of dollars. Besides the trading and gambling of CS:GO skin, Counter Strike: Global Offensive is also a very popular eSport which means there are quite a few professional tournaments throughout the years that are watched by millions of people around the world and feature real money as a prize.

CSGO Esport

Naturally, such events attract many betters from around the world that bet on which team will win, what the score will be, who’ll have the most kill and more. As long as you’re using safe CS: GO gambling sites there shouldn’t be any risk for gambling online.

Skin betting is quite similar to credit betting on other online betting websites. Such websites have various types of casino games on them for players allowing them to bet their skin on, however, all of them work in the same way. The winning players get all of the skins and have all of them transferred to their Steam account. Players can use these skins by placing them back in and play more casino games or they can also sell them on the Steam marketplace for store credit.

Should You Use CS:GO Gambling Sites?

You can find a more in-depth article about this topic here.

Whether you want to bet on CS: GO matches or simple gamble for skins, you need to make sure the site you’re using is safe. There are a number of ways of betting in CSGO but skin betting is the most common and popular way.

In this particular procedure, the players first have to have an account made with the third-party betting website and then link their Steam accounts to that account in order to upload their skins to the website. After doing this the players can then use these skins to play different betting games.

As said above, your main criteria of choosing CS:GO gambling should be how safe they are to use. There exist hundreds of CS: GO betting sites so it goes without saying more than a few of those might not be as upfront about their services as they claim to be or simply be outright scams made to con you of money and skins. If you have some expensive skins you want to sell, buy or o get rid of then using Counter Strike: Global Offensive Gambling sites is a great choice.

Most CS: GO betting and gambling sites feature a lot of games that are played with real money and skins with real rewards. You can easily find stories of people winning skins worth more than a thousand dollars on their first tries on Reddit.

To help you find a find a safe and reliable CS: GO skin gambling sites that you can use without having to worry about scams.

How To Find The Best CSGO Gambling Sites

...and how to spot scam sites

csgo scam gambling sites

There are many scam site online like csgotrade.zone (you can see above). This site uses our name to scam other people.

View an updated list of all the known cs scam sites online

With so many CS: GO betting sites available online there’s no doubt that some are clearly better than others. With so many varying sites, there are some that should be avoided which is why we’re here to tell you how you should find the best CSGO gambling sites that meet your needs. In addition to our list of CSGO Gambling Sites Of 2018, here are some things you should definitely look for in the CSGO gambling site you choose.

Reliability & Authenticity

It’s important to first make sure that the gambling site is worth trusting. To avoid such matters it is advised that you search for some well-established gambling sites that are being used by a large number of active players. Some of the most preferred CS: GO Gambling Sites are usually found to be active and talked-about on social media platforms, and also they have a large number of followers on Twitter and Facebook.

You can review the site and see how much established it is by spending some time on the site and it is also a good idea to have a look at what people have been saying in the chats. If the site is not worth trusting and is not authentic, it will be loaded with spam and criticism from players.

And check if they have any address on the page. All official businesses need to have this. So this is a good indicator too.

Usability & Design

The best CSGO Gambling sites are always found to be well-functioning, featuring a good layout and an attractive design. Such websites which are not so well-functioning and have a shady or “cheap-looking” design then it is most probable that is being run by some people who have no idea what they’re doing and it is also possible that they might scam their players.

Customer Support

You should always go for a site which offers a good customer support policy. You probably would want someone to help you through issues like a skin deposit or withdrawal going wrong. Most of the popular gambling sites offer support by email, through social media and at times through their live chat.

Bonuses, Promotions, and Free Coins

You should always keep an eye open for great bonuses offered on CS: GO betting sites, they often get you free skins and free coins. You can use these bonuses to test the site before you deposit any of your own CSGO skins or buy coins using actual money.


It is crucial for a CSGO Casino to take withdrawals seriously so that players don’t encounter any problems while doing so. You wouldn’t want to be left unable to withdraw your winnings. In the start, you should try depositing some low-cost skins and withdraw some other skins to see how it works.

Best CS: GO Gambling Sites of 2018

best csgo gambling site

Compared to ordinary online casinos and gambling sites that have way too many rules and mechanics, gambling sites for CS: GO are much simpler and easy to use. The process to getting started is super simple. All you have to do is deposit a skin to the site you choose by sending the skin through a trade. After the trade is completed, the site will give you coins that are worth the value of the skin and some even let you buy coins by paying money.

Once you have some coins you can use those coins only on the site you’ve acquired them from to play games and gamble. If you want to take your winnings and call it a day you can do so by using the coins to buy skins on the site. You can then sell these skins for actual money as well. To help you safely gamble Counter Strike Global Offensive skins online, we’ve done the digging for you to bring you the Best CS: GO Gambling Sites Of 2018.

CS: GO Empire

CS: GO Empire is by far one of the most popular CS: GO gambling sites that you can join today. CS: GO Empire has been around longer than most other gambling sites which is why it has more credibility. What makes CS: GO Empire truly stand out from the rest is the fact that many Pro YouTubers and Twitch Streamers have actively used and promoted in their streams and videos which is why it’s not only one of the most popular CS: GO gambling sites but also one of the most prominent.

CS: GO Empire offers multiple free sign-up and daily login bonuses along with having fast withdrawal times making it a great choice for anyone looking for a hassle-free CSGO gambling experience. There’s also chat support that can be helpful if you run into any issues but the only downside of using CS: GO Empire is the lack of games. As of now, CS: GO Empire only offers Roulette and Slots.


CSGO Fast is another widely known CS: GO gambling site that is exceptionally popular but what makes it stand out from the rest is the fact that it offers one of the largest gambling game choices available.

It has high credibility as well as a high skin supply making it a great choice that’s looking for variety along with a large selection of skin. It features multiple popular CS: GO gambling games including Roulette, Crash, Jackpot, Slots, Case Openings and more! The only downside of using CSGO Fast is that the site feels outdated and the overall UI design is long overdue for an update.


If you’re looking for a CSGO Gambling site that hits the perfect spot between being functional and offering a large number of games then Gamdom is definitely worth your time. Gamdom features a smooth and user-friendly UI that is intuitive to navigate as well as featuring responsive customer support which is a must-have in any CSGO betting site.

It offers a large selection of games which include Roulette, Crash, Upgrade and Custom Game along with daily bonuses and sign-up bonuses that make it the perfect choice to help you get started. Gamdom has been advertised by many pro players in the past which has contributed to its popularity and credibility quite a bit.


If you’ve been playing Counter strike: Global Offensive or betting and gambling skins online then it’s highly likely that you’ve come across CSGO Roll before. CSGO Roll has become one of the most popular CS: GO betting sites online and is regarded by many avid gamblers as being the best CSGO gambling site. It offers high credibility along with a user-friendly UI design that makes using it simple and intuitive.

CSGO Roll offers a large selection of games which include Roulette, Coinflip, Crash, and Dice. Many streamers have used CSGO Roll in their videos and it also has a great support staff that you can count on when in need. Just like the other sites on this list, it offers fast withdrawals and can safely be used without having to worry about scams.


WTFSkins is made by the same people behind CSGOLive which shows in how good the site looks while maintaining functionality. WTFSkins maintains all the positive elements of CSGOLive and builds upon them to create a site that is one the choices for anyone to trade and gamble with CS: GO skins. The customer support is fast to respond but luckily there aren’t any complaints from people that use the site which means you’ll rarely need to get in touch with them.

It also has an active Twitter account which adds more credibility to it as well as having a reasonable selection of gambling games which include Roulette, Crash, and Upgrade. The withdrawals are fast and there are daily bonuses along with a reasonable sign-up bonus to help you get started.

CS:GO Gambling Styles

csgo gambling styles

CSGO gambling is a collective term that can be used for various styles of gambling related to the game Counter Strike Global Offensive. What all these different types of gambling styles have in common is that the players either win game-skins or money through them. 

There are multiple ways for you to bet in CS: GO which is why to help you find the CS GO gambling games you want to play we’ve made a list or you to make it easier.

CS: GO Betting

Cs go betting is by far the most common and well-known form of CS: GO Gambling. In this game mode, players bet the outcome of matches between two teams using real money or by betting in-game skins. This is a common gambling style which is also called eSport betting and is used to bet on more than just match winners but also make bets about who’ll get the first kills, who’ll die the most and who gets the first card.

What Strategy To Use

While the first idea that pops up in your head would be to bet on the favorites or the team most likely to win there’s a high chance they might not and even if they do win chances are you won’t earn nearly as much as you thought.

One great strategy to maximize your gains from CSGO betting is to find rising and talented underdog teams to bet on. This can be riskier and requires much more in-depth research but the prizes are just as big.

CS: GO Roulette Gambling

It’s the most common type of gambling style preferred by CS: GO players and CS: GO gambling sites. It’s simple to play and works on the same basic principles of normal roulette games you’ll find in a casino. Players will need to bet on which color and number the ball will fall in and if they win they get more coins which they can use to buy skins. Most CS: GO gambling sites tend to add their own unique look to CS: GO roulette but the base game stays the same.

What Strategy To Use

The CSGO Roulette Alambert Strategy is one of the most popular CS: GO Roulette Gambling strategies online and many Roulette gamblers swear to play by it. The basic concept is that you raise your bet after each time you lose and decrease your bet after each time you win. This way your wins will get your more while the losses will take away less. By the end of the match, you’ll walk away a winner. But keep in mind, there’s nothing set in stone and this strategy can backfire as well.

CS: GO Jackpot Gambling

csgo jackpotTo play CSGO jackpot, all the players involved deposit their skins for coins or for money which is made into a virtual bundle which the winner walks away with. Your chances of winning depend on how much you bet depending on the overall sum of the bet. If the total value of the bundle is 100 coins and if you made a bet of 20 coins then you’ll have a 20% chance of winning the whole thing.

What Strategy To Use

The best strategy to win is to invest what you’re willing to lose. The chances of your winning the jackpot depend on how much you invested. Even if you bet coins that are worth 95% of the value of the bundle the possibility of you losing still exists.

CS: GO Crash Gambling

csgo crashCSGO Crash is a high-risk gambling game with high profits. You’ll need coins to play this game to place a bet. After a bet is placed, the number will start increasing from 0 but the game can crash at any time without any warning. To win, you need to predict a number that the game reaches before crashing. The longer you keep playing the higher the rewards will be the risks of losing will increase as well. 

What Strategy To Use

The pot sniping strategy is a popular and effective strategy to use when playing CS: GO Crash betting. To use, this strategy you join the game at the last second and make a large enough bet that will boost your odds to win the whole thing considerably.

The goal of pot sniping is to deposit just enough money at the last money to tip the odds in your favor without giving everyone else playing a chance to respond. Keep in mind, you can still lose that money which is why it’s recommended that you invest small but consistently to safely make more money in the long run.

CS: GO Dice Gambling

While this CSGO gambling game is called CS: GO Dice Gambling there are no actual dice involved. To win in Dice, you need to guess what number the dice will make once rolled. You’ll need coins to play it and you can choose to whether gain coins or skins if you win.

What Strategy To Use

When it comes down to it, CSGO Dice Gambling is based more on luck and less on any strategy. This is a gambling game that’s for the people that enjoy the fun of gambling and have made making a profit as their second priority. 

How To Recognize Scam CS: GO Gambling Sites


If you want to avoid falling into the many CS: GO gambling site scams then you need to be careful and smart in choosing where you gamble your skins and bet on CS: GO. Here are some tips that you should definitely keep in mind to avoid scam CSGO gambling sites.

Trust Your Guts

If it looks fishy, don’t use it. If you think that a site is set up to scam CS: GO players out of skins or money then it is not worth the risk to try it. There are more than a few legit and safe Counter Strike gambling sites that you can spend your time on rather than taking a risk.

Does It Have A Social Media Page?

One of the best and most reliable ways to determine whether a CS: GO site is safe to use is to check whether it has an active social media page. If a site doesn’t have an active online community then it’s not worth the risk to use.

Look At Deposit Options

The deposit options a site offers matters a lot when it comes to credibility. Deposit options like PayPal and MasterCard are very selective when it comes to online gambling sites even if these sites are for skins and not actual money. Most scam sites either have only Bitcoin or some other less known option to deposit fund which is a big sign that the site is not as reliable as it seems.

Ask Online

Whether it’s a well-known site or some site you found that’s offering something that’s too good to be true it’s always a good idea to ask other users online before depositing any skins or money. There are many CS: GO Betting and Gambling communities (try Reddit for example) online so always make sure to ask other users before using any site that looks fishy.

 We hope you find this guide useful. We are very happy that you read the article. Feel free to take a look at our blog for more.

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