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Did you hear that Valve released an official statement explaining the CS:GO ranking system? Well, they didn't...but you still wanna know, right? We have collected the best information from tons of hours in Counter-Strike, forums, and Valve itself.




Csgo Ranks explained by csgotradezone (stats)

 Even if it is sometimes disappointing you still want to play CS:GO, don't you?

CS:GO is the type of game that you can play from time to time, but the best part about it is that you can also play competitively if you so desire. The game does a very good job at bringing you all the challenge you may need, but at the same time, it’s also chill and fun when it has to. So yes, this offers you the perfect blend of high-quality gameplay and unique mechanics that you would love to have in a shooter. But it’s the CS:GO ranks that stand out here, and yes, the experience does tend to get better and better because of it.

The cool thing about CS:GO ranks explained is that they do try to make the process easier for you. Basically, the competitive ranks are fully of people; there are more than a million people playing ranked. So yes, you will end up seeing people that have different skill levels. And while it can take a little while to adapt all of that to the situation, the results can be more than ok. It’s important for the matchmaking system to have a tool to rely upon, a tool that lets the users know what happens, how good they are and so on. And that’s where the CS:GO ranks come into play!


As you may see when you play the game, CS:GO ranks are not that easy to get. The leveling system in the game is ranging from 1 and it goes up to 40. It’s designed to offer service medals and skin drops. You can see this as something similar to the prestige system in Call of Duty. If you want to unlock ranked gameplay, then you need to reach level two. You can do that by playing any of the various modes listed in the game. There are lots of cool modes for you to have and the reality is that they are just preparing you for the stuff ahead.
As you can imagine, the best CS:GO ranks are in the ranked region of the game. Regular gamers may be good, but It’s in Ranked where the best of the best will reside. And yes, this is a very interesting thing for you to have, because it’s nothing short of amazing and interesting to have all of that value and quality in front of you.
You will need to play 10 competitive matches for the game to identify your rank. This is a similar system when compared to Rocket League for example. Usually, players are placed in the lower CS:GO ranks before they get to deal with some of the finer players out there.
Since there are smurfs that downgrade their gameplay, it’s important to note that you are limited to two competitive wins per day until you reach level 10. The idea is to do all you can to make the experience a lot better and more interesting. You will have no problem getting the rank in 5 days though, even if you have this limitation which may feel unnecessary.
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You will get to see all your stripes under the username and at the startup screen, not to mention they are also shown on the scoreboard right near your username. Why does this matter so much? Because you can’t be a part of the elite unless you show it, and people do want to know how good are the others they play with. And yes, the CS:GO ranks explained here clearly show how interesting and unique the entire system is in this situation.


There are 18 ranks, although some changes are on the way for the CS:GO ranks, and there may be some more coming very soon. But for now, there are 18 ranks in total, and going through all of them can take a lot of time and effort.


Achieve a new rank

• Silver I• Silver II• Silver III• Silver IV• Silver Elite• Silver Elite Master• Gold Nova I• Gold Nova II• Gold Nova III• Gold Nova Master• Master Guardian I• Master Guardian II• MasterGuardian Elite• Distinguished Master Guardian• Legendary Eagle• Legendary Eagle Master• Supreme Master First Class• The Global Elite



Repartition in counter-strike
The interesting thing about the CS:GO ranks explained above is that they are unique, distinct and their primary focus is on showing your skill. And yes, these ranks are doing a very good job at showing your skill which is what matters the most in here.


Ranks are split into tiers. So, you will have a similar skill level in each rank, but even so, some people will be better than others. With tiers, everything is better as the playing field is leveled and the results are a lot better because of that reason alone. Of course, things like communication and strategy tend to change from one rank to the other, and that’s the thing that really sets CS:GO ranks apart when compared to other similar games like this.
Silvers are at the bottom, and here you will find the beginners. Simply put, there’s not a lot of strategy to be had here and people just go and shoot for fun and so on. This is where you can find higher level players smurfing to get a bit of value and ranking. Once you escape silver, you can find better players. The issue here is that smurfs may end up making the process a lot more challenging than you would want.
Then you have Nova levels, which are in the middle and they are pretty good at learning strategies as well as adapting them as necessary. Nova level players are great at the game most of the time, but they still lack things like communication, strategic approaches and so on. It’s crucial for the players to understand this because as they play, they will encounter more and more unique challenges. Those just make the entire gameplay experience distinct, and that’s the type of thing that you need to expect. The Upper Nova tiers are very interesting because they are above average and they do have a deep understanding of the game, how it works and so on. They can easily gun and eliminate enemies. The problem here is maybe a lack of focus and a true attention on improving everything adequately. This is not going to be a walk in the park, but it can indeed work to your own advantage, and it does deliver the sense of quality and experience that you may need.
After Nova, you have Master Guardian. This is where you can find some very advanced players. They have knowledge of the site execution, retake coordination, sprays and the economic buy trends. Basically, these players are extremely good, and they are also very invested in the game and the entire experience as a whole. As you move onward from the MG levels, you will note that you reach the elite in the CS:GO ranks world.
Elite players are very good, but even they have to learn from mistakes, and they have to make some changes to the way they play to improve. Basically, if you want to go up on your CS:GO ranks, then you need to learn how to become better and better at the game. It’s not a walk in the park, many times it can be very time-consuming, and it can indeed pay off extremely well for you in the end.
If you get past the DMG level, you will find the elite players, and they are quite the challenge for sure. They know just about all there is to know about this game and they are definitely bringing in front a whole lot of challenge into the mix. If you are at this level, then it’s safe to say that you already poured hundreds of hours into the game and you really have a very good skill. It just goes to show the tremendous experience and value that you can get from this and yes, it can be quite an astonishing and unique approach for anyone to have.


 It’s always important to make sure that you win games and not lose them. On top of that, there are also factors like bomb plants, damage given, assists, deaths, and kills or MVPs that will obviously have an impact on the entire experience too. So yes, there are lots of factors that may have an impact on the results and the way you play. But it’s how good your skill is that will help make the experience more rewarding and fun in here.

If you want to enter the best CS:GO ranks system, then you need to avoid solo queues. Here you can find people that derank on purpose, so playing with a team is a whole lot better and certainly a lot more convenient because of that.
In case you need to reach the higher CS:GO ranks, then you need to make some computer upgrades too. A good gaming monitor will help you receive a faster refresh rate, and the gameplay experience will be way smoother for sure. Then you have to think about upgrading to a gaming mouse. A mechanical keyboard will also make the entire
experience a lot more interesting too.
It’s important to play with someone that knows the game very well. Study the pros and see how they play. Practice as much as you can if you want to win, and it will surely be a whole lot of fun to achieve all those goals. But yes, playing with a Pro can be one of the better ways to rank. And this will also help you identify the best possible ways to get a very good user experience, which leads to a tremendous quality and value in the long term.
You can try to practice with a single gun, but the best thing you can do is to practice with two weapons. It’s just a much better way to have an alternative in case things go wrong. You just have to be patient, because something like this will be very time-consuming. The reaction time, mouse acceleration and ghost keys that will end up bringing you a much more rewarding result and experience regardless of the situation.
One thing is certain, once you are focused on playing better and better, then the results will end up showing such a thing. But yes, you can expect a lot of effort to be spent on becoming good at the game, and yes, it will be a very tricky thing to focus on. Yet the more you play and the more time you allocate to the experience, the better the results can be in the end.
CS:GO is one of the more challenging games out there, and it will always require you to have tons of skill. But yes, as long as you prepare yourself for the challenges that come ahead, then the results can be very good. Practice makes perfect and if you want to understand the CSGO ranks explained, then you have to train as much as you can. It’s always nice to play with newcomers and experienced people alike because there’s just
whole lot of great stuff to be had here.
As a whole, CS:GO ranks is impressive and amazing. It’s distinct, it brings in front unique results, and it’s just a pleasant, one of a kind experience that you will like in your game. Plus, the fact that you rank and get better does push you to play more and more. That’s what makes the CS:GO ranks distinct, the fact that there are always rewards and a sense of wellbeing each time you rank. If you’re a fan of Counter-Strike, then you should totally check out the ranked mode and what it has to offer. You will end up playing for hours and hours as you try to get better, and that’s always fun!
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