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PUBG gambling

How to make more profit out of PUBG gambling


PUBG gambling is a very cool way to grow your skin and item inventory. The only problem: you might lose your precious things. To increase your chance of winning in playerunknown's battlegrounds gambling and betting (yes you can also bet in esports) I created this guide for YOU. I hope you enjoy it.

*PS: if you want to skip the introduction and immediately get gambling tips, just scroll down a bit.


Pubg gambling

A comprehensive guide to PUBG betting and how to improve your chances of winning


The purpose of this article is to you give a comprehensive insight of PUBG betting and gambling. The title stirred a storm in the gaming world after its release in 2017. Since its arrival, PUBG surpassed in popularity across the globe. As the title got recognized in the gaming world, the multi-million dollar eSports industry have also invested in it with the formation of dedicated eSports tournaments and leagues. Some of the best organizations have formed high profiled roster for competitive PUBG action. So, seeing the interest of these organizations and eSports industry, the world of betting and gambling got into the action. The best bookmakers in the world have opened their betting and gambling services for a title that was barely released a year ago. This just shows that how far and how fast PUBG has come in such a short period of time. So, let’s look what the betting world and the gambling sites has to offer to PUBG.

Gambling with PUBG Skins 

Introduction to betting and gambling online with ingame items (you can skip this paragraph if you already know how it works)

You've probably heard of betting with money at various sports and games where you can win a profitable sum if you have placed the bet the right team. In eSports, there is another type of betting that is very popular, namely betting of skins. When you play skin betting, it's about the same as when you bet on a match, but the difference is that you bet and win PUBG skins instead. You probably know this from CS:GO.


However, before you start playing, it is important to note that it is usually not free to own these PUBG skins. You can earn them ingame or you can usually buy these online for anything between a few to several thousand dollars (I know it's crazy, isn't it?). So, even if you do not invest real money, it's still a sum you've invested in at stake. It is, therefore always important to read the general terms and conditions that apply to the betting site where you want to, as well as what specific skin-bet rule applies to the game you choose to play. 

PUBG skin weapon

Skin Betting

Skin Betting goes on in the same way as betting on sports. You choose the team or player that you think will win and then bet any skin. If you win your bet you can win precious PUBG skins. You can also bet with skins and then win real money. Then choose the skin you want to bet and then make a deposit using the so-called SkinPay. Then, the skins you enter will be converted into real money to play for.


PUBG crashAlready available in CSGO. One of the most exciting skin betting games in PUBG is Crash. Some of the bookmakers offer you to play crash for free for a few tries, just to get you familiar with the game. In Crash, a multiplier constantly goes up on a graph. In order to win skins, you should cash out before the game “crashes” or else you will lose the bet. This game offers huge prizes in a very short time but at the same time it is amongst the riskiest games offered. ⚠️The only problem: it's is currently unavailable on all PUBG gambling sites⚠️.

Case Opening

If you to get new skins in a few seconds then PUBG Case Opening is recommended. Another recommendation is that, official cases should not be your first priority, instead open you own created cases to get good skin rewards.

Just watch how Shroud (one of the best PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS players) does a pack opening: pretty entertaining, isn't it?

Skin Jackpot

PUBG jackpotWorks like a regular jackpot game, but here the play is on PUBG skins. All skins are put together in a big winning pot, after which a happy winner takes home everything. Just like in regular jackpot games online, you increase your winning chances by wagering some more expensive PUBG skins. Skin Jackpot is a highly appreciated game form as its fast, entertaining and those who play have the chance to get a really big win.

Skin Roulette

PUBG skin rouletteEven this kind of game works just the same as the roulette you find on online gaming sites. By contrast, the colors you choose to vary when it comes to PUBG on skin roulette. Here too you can bet skins and win real money. 



PUBG Esports betting tips

 Skin betting is great and most version can be played through both computer and mobile devices. Investing on this type of betting can thus be both entertaining and rewarding as long as you know that the site you are playing is serious and that you keep track of the terms and conditions that apply. Do not forget to never play for more than you can afford to lose.

Make profit in PUBG betting

Profit pubg

So now to the most important question, how do you get really good at PUBG betting? Just like betting on all other sports, this is about knowledge, but of course, a little insight is a must. In the long run, however, we believe in the power of knowledge, and the best way to learn something is usually by doing it yourself. So, step one in this case, of course, is to play PUBG yourself and really understand the game and its dynamics. In addition, one should also watch games on Youtube Gaming and Twitch when talented players are active. We do not recommend playing things that you do not understand (this hack can be applied in so many areas in your life, trust me), so we think it's important to take the time to understand the game first.

Learn PUBG

We highly recommend you this article for this: https://steelseries.com/blog/how-to-win-pubg-39

One fundamental step we think is to play the game yourself. Take a few hours for a few days, buy the game and try it. Try to understand how the game is strategized, what pros and cons you can get, what strategies players can use, how weapons and equipment work etc. This will be very valuable information when you will start betting for real money.

Another big advantage that comes with having the game itself and really understanding what's happening is that a new world of betting opportunities opens up for you, namely live betting. We are the big fans of it when you can use their knowledge at the spot by just looking at the game to draw beneficial conclusions about what will happen. You may discover the benefits of a player before the odds have understood what's going on, so you can insert fast and smart games that will be very profitable. Live betting also adds extra nerve to viewing because it makes you participate in another way.

Previous meetings between the teams

Now PUBG is a pretty young game, but all information is formulated for good statistics. Take time to try to find information about the players and the team. In that case you can try to find out how it has happened, and investigate if you find any trends. Here you may even find something that the gaming company's oddsetter has missed, which can give you a great advantage if the odds are not optimal.

The current form of the team or single players

This is also an important topic with PUBG because the players are quite fresh and the scene has not really matured yet. However, there are facilities to investigate how the team has performed in the near future, and it is important to keep in mind that the top spot cannot be occupied forever. All teams are weak, and we have seen other games where many big teams had a proper form that lasted for a long time. Some examples are e.g. NiP or Brazilian SK Gaming, who had exceptional players in their CSGO teams.

The point here is that you should not always bet on the favorite team or player, because there may be signs indicating that the team may be heading down, and then you can take advantage of the odds to your advantage.

Has the team changed anything since last the match up?

Sometimes when a team plays, maybe their regular players are not available, and just like any other sport, someone else can take his place. If a team has a substitute, then it might not have the perfect chemistry, eventually affecting the team's performance and strategies through the match. Therefore, keep an eye on the roster so you do not bet on a team that is usually good but lacks regular players.


Betting Strategies in PUBG

When you start with PUBG betting, there are many new game options and odds to keep track of. There is a lot going on in a PUBG match with the huge amount of teams and players that are fighting. Odds and betting opportunities are also generated by the bookmakers.

We list the most common game strategies below. Keep in mind that some game modes are a little more difficult than others to tip right, but at the same time, profits can also be higher if you check the team that plays. Our examples have been taken from bet365, but similar odds are also found at Betway.

Winner of match or tournament

Winner of a match or tournament is a game mode that most people are probably familiar with before. It occurs in betting on all eSports titles as well as physical sports and is the easiest form of odds to enter. Since there are many teams and players participating in the same match, the odds, on average, are very high.

The number of teams participating in a tournament depends entirely on what format the organizer uses. The more teams that play, the harder it becomes to choose right to bet. There are also competitions and tournaments played at the individual level, where there are up to 100 teams/players, and of course, it is harder to choose the right winner.

Top three final ranks

This game option has a similar layout as "winner of a match or tournament", but instead you focus on the team that you think is in a top three finishing position. The odds in this mode are slightly lower, at the same time it is more likely that you will succeed in signing a team that ends up in the top three spots rather than winning the entire tournament or match. We recommend that you begin to bet on Top three final position before proceeding with Testing a Match / Tournament Winner.

Even though the contest scene in PUBG is young, it is still possible to investigate which teams tend to get well in tournaments and matches.

Team/player with the most kills in a round

As an example of game options for experts, we have included "Team with the most kills in a round". You bet money on the team you think is best to kill most in a specific round. It is not the easiest odds to tick in and therefore we have chosen to participate in game options for experts. Even though this game mode is thoughtful, it is also incredibly entertaining and exciting to be able to win money at specific game moments.

Features to look for in a legitimate eSports betting site

There is only one little problem: there aren't many PUBG tournaments in the world so you can't bet so much on them. Sadly PUBG isn't an esport yet. You can read mor about that here.

Before going for the betting websites, you should keep these things in your mind.

The amount of the first deposit bonus higher or lower.

  • The ease of getting the first deposit bonus.
  • The possibility of accumulating this first deposit bonus on another eSports title like LoL or Dota 2 betting.
  • The minimum amount of deposit, deposit or withdrawal.
  • The site offers means of deposit and withdrawals more or less practical.
  • The relevance of competitive odds and odds on multiple eSports events.
  • The possibility of finding a sufficient diversity of bets (First blood, killstreaks, the final score of the map, number of kills in a match).
  • The diversity of eSports games offered (LoL, Dota2, CS:GO, COD, Smite, HON etc...).
  • The bookmaker may offer special betting offers every now and then.
  • Some sites provide enough statistics to allow its member to make informed choices..
  • The possibility to follow the matches, eSports events and to bet live, to follow them in a video, with streaming platforms.
  • Be able to take advantage of regular promotions or occasional events.
  • The existence of a website or an application on tablets and smartphones.
  • The ability to navigate the website or application and place one or more bets.
  • An effective alert system, in case of winning bets, by email or SMS, for example.
  • May also permit to bet on multiple eSports titles at the same time.
  • A well-established section of the site, reserved for the questions and answers that users ask.
  • The bookmaker offers a chat service, as well as a hotline.
  • The times during which the customer service is reachable.
  • The speed of response and the accurate details of customer service, in case of difficulty.
  • If I'm having trouble with betting, is this site informing me enough?

The sites that deviate from the above mentioned featured should not be worth investing your money in. Although not all bookmakers currently offer the opportunity to invest in PUBG, we have managed to locate which of the bookmakers currently offer decent PUBG betting markets. Moreover, these are the sites that seem to fulfill the checklist includes:

  • ArcaneBet
  • Mr Green
  • Bet365
  • Betway

Future of PUBG Betting

The future of eSports betting is secured. In 2016, NFL betting generated a total of $13 billion revenue for the bookmakers. The eSports community is always open to new and exciting games that could grab their attention, and PUBG is surely one of them.

The For those who love eSports and above all betting on eSports, it's very exciting to see how fast a game can go from being an early beta to being a game that big bookmakers offer betting on. PUBG has really shown how fast it can be in the world of eSports, and it's incredibly fun that the big betting franchises are so quick to pick up the trends and offer games on new eSports titles.

Although PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds (PUBG) has only existed since March 2017, several tournaments and competitions have already been organized. In addition, there are juicy prize sums that the professional teams are competing for.

Investing in PUBG as an eSports title at such an early stage is clearly positive for anyone who wants to bet on the game. More events and tournaments in eSports industry mean more opportunities to bet. If it continues at this rate, PUBG may well challenge established games like Dota 2, League of Legends and CSGO.

We are really happy that you reached this far in the article 😄

So? What now?

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